Barbara Heyken M. A., *1964 in Berlin

My Credentials

How did I become an intercultural consultant?

  • Openess and great interest in cultures and languages, especially in regions with Chinese culture
  • Ability to listen and mediate with patience, humour and discretion. A sense of responsibility and understanding of difficulties and development in personal relationships within different cultural settings
  • Enjoying lifelong learning and teaching

Professional development

  • Study of sinology and economics at the University of Hamburg (M.A.), jobs and study abroad in Beijing and Taipei
  • Long experience in business in the fields of commerce and tourism
  • Co-ordination of subsidiaries in Hongkong, Singapore, London, New York, Johannesburg
  • Marketing manager for China in the tourist industry
  • Diverse experience as a translator and intercultural trainer
  • Intercultural consultant concentrating especially on training programmes,  individual support and additional organization in the touring field

Additional qualifications

  • Certified trainer/consultant – trained by the Artop Institute of Humboldt University, Berlin
  • Further education in translating and interpreting (Chinese-German) at the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
  • Certified tour guide for international guests in Hamburg (German, English, Chinese)